Hurricane Katrina Victims Could Sue Over Global Warming

Hurricane Katrina victims sue global warming

Based on a ruling Friday by from the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina victims may have standing to sue oil and coal companies for producing greenhouse gases, contributing to global warming and rising ocean temperatures, which in turn contributed to the ferocity of hurricanes.

Does that sound like a leap?

The suit involved was brought by Mississippi landowners that claimed the oil and coal companies should be liable. The court held that at this stage of litigation the Mississippi landowners detailed their claims sufficiently enough to get a day in court.

According to the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog:

In so holding, the court notably quoted a recent Supreme Court opinion that ‘accepted as plausible the link between man-made greenhouse gas emissions and global warming’ along with the fact that ‘rising ocean temperatures may contribute to the ferocity of hurricanes.'”

This ruling could open the door to more claims like this being filed by others. They’re still awaiting money from the federal Road Home program to buy a new home. Approximately 2,000 families in the New Orleans metro area still live in FEMA trailers almost 4 years after Hurricane Katrina. Eighty percent of those still in trailers are homeowners who are unable to return to their storm damaged houses. May 1 marked the end of the Temporary Housing Program for Katrina victims as those still living in the trailers have been given a May 30 deadline to move out or face possible legal action. Are these people owed something?
What do you think about this ruling and the potential for others to file these kinds of suits against greenhouse emitting corporations?

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