Watch Captain Planet Take On Hitler


For those who don’t know Captain Planet was a cartoon about young people, called planeteers, with rings and superpowers and a green superhero that appeared when they combined their powers. Yeah, it was the 90s and stuff like this made it to TV. Also the show showcased 1990s American style diversity, which means there are non white persons as main characters that aren’t as fleshed out as the white characters that are in the majority.

Captain Planet says prejudice and hate are as toxic as any pollutant which justifies the appearance of Hitler in this cartoon. It’s true that prejudice and hate and anger can be toxic to ones self then manifested outwardly to harm others.

What’s with Hitler getting so much burn these days anyway? I guess I’m a part of it too now but how strange that he still gets to be the ultimate bad guy when we know of so many other bad guys too. Didn’t Superman take on Hitler too? Or was that the KKK?

Anyway a note to the right wing: Be easy on the Obama Hitler photoshop jobs. You look crazy.

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