Jay-Z Shows Interest In Doing Yoga


I never really wanted sofreshandsogreen.com to be a home for Jiggahov and the Mrs. in any capacity but when I came across this bit of information I couldn’t resist.

My first thought was Jay-Z has been spending too much time with Russell Simmons. But instead it’s Chris Martin from Coldplay that has inspired the rapper. Chris is his new bff and apparently Chris is rubbing off on him.

Jigga says of Chris’ yoga enhanced flexibility:

“I want to be able to move like that, get my leg behind my ear, things like that.”


Yoga is good for you though. I addition to increasing flexibility, it can strengthen your immune system and improve the quality of your sleep. And we all know sleep is good….mmmmm sleep.

And no, you don’t only have to “focus on dogs and yoga” and anyone can do it.


  1. Madam Toussaint

    What else can you say right? lol

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