Now Even Ziploc Bags Are Going Green


Ziploc’s famous zipper lock bags have undergone a green transformation. At least some of them have. The company has released their Ziploc Evolve storage bags.

  • The company claims these Ziploc bags are made using 25% less plastic than their other bags.
  • They are manufactured using 50% renewable energy.
  • They are manufactured using less energy, thereby reducing their carbon footprint.
  • They are packaged in a 100% recycled paper carton, with a minimum of 35% post customer content. So you’re not going to get a huge box that’s too big for the Evolve bags, so you won’t be disappointed when you get home an open it. Also you won’t think you’re getting more for your money. Tricks like this that manufacturers play to using more energy and ultimately jipping the customer too.
  • white-ziploc

    Isn’t it great how much white people care about the environment and their kids? Pics like this of people going green rarely ever include non white people. Have you ever noticed that?

    The problem with this is it’s only one line of Ziploc that is undergoing this green transformation. All of their other bags manufacturing processes apparently have remained the same, and by their own admissions do not have as good an environmental track record.

    Seems like green marketing to me and Ziploc is trying to get money out of a certain type of customer.

    If the Ziploc Evolve storage bags end up becoming popular maybe all their manufacturing processes will evolve.

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