Is Cookie Monster Now Veggie Monster?


When I first heard about this I knew this had something to do with he makers of Sesame Street trying to discourage childhood obesity. Cookie Monster has actually been attacked in the media before for his “unhealthy” eating habits. Funny how these people object to the cookie part but not the monster part, which for me was of much greater concern as a child.

Cookie Monster- “Healthy Food” [1987]

You ain’t know my man has been eating veggies and rapping for years fam? This is a RUN D.M.C. & Aerosmith “Walk This Way” spoof.

According to Sesame Street Wikia: In Sesame Street Magazine issue 144 (May 1985), CTW’s associate research director Istar Schwager allayed the fears of some parents about Cookie Monster’s bad habits:

“Each of the characters on Sesame Street is designed to exaggerate a familiar human foible, and Cookie Monster is babyishness personified… When parents object to Cookie Monster’s grammar, we remind them that children learn from a variety of sources — including other Sesame Street characters who speak properly.

Cookie’s eating habits, too, are a point of concern for some parents. The inedible things that Cookie eats (a car fender!) make it clear to children that his behavior is out of the ordinary. Other characters, such as Captain Vegetable, of course, are vocal advocates of good eating habits.”

Where is Captain Vegetable now you ask? Off somewhere not eating cookies and being unpopular.

In the folklore of Cookie Monster he’s been eating vegetables for a while now anyway. It seems what’s gotten all of these Veggie Monster internet rumors started is some of the spots C Monster used to do. These “‘Healthy Habits for Life‘ segments and plotlines were introduced in Season 36, in which Cookie encourages viewers to eat a balanced diet, and enjoy cookies as a “sometimes food.”

The “sometimes food” line is one that Cookie Monster has used to defend himself against attacks in the media from the likes of Matt Lauer and Stephen Colbert. I can live with the “sometimes food” bit. Now if only I could live like cookies are a “sometimes food”. Easier said than done, but no matter what I won’t blame Cookie Monster.



  1. lizzie

    omg this is so gay he is ment to be the cookie monster screw those overthinking adults gosh >:( O_o

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  3. Brooke

    Dumb comment about “monster” being a concern–the whole point of making the monsters lovable is so kids won’t be afraid of make-believe monsters. Elmo is a monster also, he just doesn’t have the name monster after him.

  4. Madam Toussaint

    I feel the same way Angony!

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