The NAACP Finally Goes Green

July 9, 2007: Thousands gathered in Detroit, Michigan to participate in the NAACP’s funeral and burial for the “N” word.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) recently passed a historic resolution addressing climate change for the first time in it’s history at its 100th annual convention in New York.

Here are my thoughts on the NAACP: On the national level the NAACP does next to nothing for me as a young Black person. Locally they are far more active but that falls on the shoulders of local chapter leaders. I’ve seen them take the time and the energy to have a funeral for “the N word” as pictured above (and thank God they did cause I never hear nigger or nigga anymore) .

I’ve heard of their many corporate connections and numerous conventions. On a national level for a lot of young Black people I think the NAACP is not relevant. Sadly, I think they’ve rendered themselves irrelevant and insist on continuing. Sadly, we don’t have anything nationally in place to replace them.

Uh oh, there’s that word again…

I think that funeral was the nail in the coffin for me and probably solidified our status as the laughing stock of the diaspora. From its inception the NAACP has been integrated, though for some reason it’s considered the voice of Black people by some. More importantly as an organization it has been closely affiliated with corporations and middle class in it’s orientation.

Due to the work of Jerome Ringo (past chairman of the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors and president of the Apollo Alliance) John Grant (board member on the National Wildlife Federation Board of Directors) and Marc Littlejohn (manager of Diversity Partnerships, National Wildlife Federation), the NAACP approved a historic resolution addressing climate change for the first time in the organization’s history at its Centennial Convention in New York.

The resolution stated:

“WHEREAS, the impacts of climate change disproportionately impacts the communities of color; and

WHEREAS, globally, climate change is likely to cause damage in excess of $600 billion per year, with particularly negative effects in Africa

WHEREAS, meaningful climate change policy can create real public benefits including millions of good green-collar jobs and build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty; and…

BE IT THEREFORE FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, the NAACP supports climate change policy that will build a new generation of good jobs, rebuild urban areas and support rural areas, and protect families, communities and public health, and help elevate our nation as a world leader…”

And more. All good things. Now if only they were more relevant…

Src: NAACP Joins the Fight for Clean Energy

For the full resolution check out Bridging a Black-White Divide: Kudos to NWF and NAACP

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