Singer Pink Wants Fans To Rip Michael Vick Apart


According to TMZ Philadelphia native and outspoken singer Pink is upset about Michael Vick playing for her hometown.

She wrote on Twitter: “wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs.”

The Eagles signing Michael Vick has upset many animal rights groups. “The founder of Main Line Animal Rescue, Bill Smith, was quoted as saying, ‘There are a lot of people out there who deserve second chances more than Michael Vick.'” But were they capable of getting signed to the Eagles? When does a formerly incarcerated person get to move on with his/her life after time served? When can he or she stop apologizing? Why should punishment for a crime include prison time, labeling, being prevented from earning a living, threats against one’s personal safety in public and scorn?

Perpetual rebellious 15 year old Pink is the same person who “sent a letter to Prince William criticizing him for fox hunting and one to Queen Elizabeth II protesting the use of real fur in the bearskins of the Foot Guards and the Honourable Artillery Company.” Not a letter protesting centuries of imperial cruelty towards…well people on most of the planet, but whatever.

Common- “The People”

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We are approaching the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina were we witnessed cruelty to humans in real time on TV. Amidst the discussion of whether this was a race or a class issue many Black people suffered needlessly. I just don’t think the outrage was the same. Common said “Why white folks focus on dogs and yoga/ While people on the low end tryin to ball and get over”. It’s all very sad to me.

As a dog “owner” I don’t advocate or appreciate dog or animal abuse. I recognize it seems really easy for some people to be outraged about animal cruelty and be indifferent when it comes to cruelty to humans.

Fans ripping a person who was cruel to animals can’t possibly be the answer. And of course as with anything race plays a part.


Pink hates trees

I’ve been reading a lot of commentary about this and I’m finding when some people want to gripe about overpaid, idiot athlete every example they give is of a Black athlete. I’ve read calls for violence against Michael Vick and pleas for him to become a construction worker instead of going back to the National Football League. I can understand the genuine affection and concern for animals but until these animal advocates learn to stop pitting people, particularly Black people, against animals they will never have the support of so many they hope to reach. It’s not worth losing your humanity to protect animals and it’s a manufactured set of options. You can love people and animals at the same time.

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In the case of quarterback Michael Vick, football is the tail that wags the dog


  1. brownhornet

    Yeah I’ve notice this society has a double standard when it comes to the suffering of certain demographics and animals. I noticed this two years ago when seemed like alot (not all) of black folk didn’t see the same level of severity in the dog fighting situation as white folk. Then my mother said “You have to remember for 300 years dogs had it better int this country than human beings of African descent” and We haven’t forgotten that. Its in the collective DNA of black America to want to give Vick another chance where as there is a large SUM of white America including Pink who want to contintue to punish Vick anyway they can because its a part of thier collective DNA. We got people sleeping in boxes on the streets while animals are given comfortable places to sleep while thier owners take off to Europe for a week. Pink has a legittmate opinion but she is being taken advantage of by groups like PETA (who kills animals) to bring attention to themselves. As long as the attack on Vick seems more like railroading a man that’s already lost two years of his freedom, youth, and playing time along 150 million dollars and less like bringing the horrible practice of Dog fighting to an end black folk won’t ride with Pink or anyone else.

  2. brownhornet

    Oh not mention in the current racial climate the last think Pink wantst to be associated with is promoting a mob mentality towards a black man especially in Philly where McNabb says he’s gotten racially charged hatemale.

  3. Madam Toussaint

    Very informative, very cogent brownhornet! It’s appreciated 🙂

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  4. Leslie

    Why do you think that by giving support against animal cruelty causes less support against human rights? Pinks words are against one particular man who acted inhumane, not human…, towards animals. Meaning: in support of animals, not against humans, BECAUSE Vick took away his own morality and humanity by acting so cruel towards animals. Pink stood up against people who were causing mental anguish towards a child in one of her own concerts. This act didn’t take away from her support against animal cruelty, so why do you believe that supporting animal rights takes away from supporting human rights. Not defending Pink or Vick, giving examples. Animal rights and human rights do not take away from each other. The person assigning the importance does not give one the same importance as the other for personal reasons, such as world views that all humans act like Vick or all animals act like “vicious pitbulls.”

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