Stella D’Oro Boycott- That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles


Stella D’Oro is a brand of cookies and breadsticks formerly owned by Kraft Foods but currently owned by private equity firm, Brynwood Partners. When the historic Bronx, New York Stella D’Oro plant was taken over by new management disagreements led to a strike in August 13, 2008. “Over 135 members of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union Local 50” employed there participated citing such grievances as management’s desire to ” (1) slash wages as much as 25%, hitting working women hardest, (2) make health insurance unaffordable by imposing crushing premiums, (3) eliminate holidays, vacation and sick pay, and (4) eliminate extra pay for working Saturdays and giving up family life.”

Hey, why not Cam? Stella D’oro makes cookies. I used to eat Stella D’oro with my dad, we’ll call him Mr. Toussaint, as a kid. How many rap songs do you know that include cookies? Yeah I know, but that LL song is way too suggestive for this and anyway Cam makes me feel young. Nobody makes me feel like it’s recess again like Cam does! Holla.

Photo credit: Yoji Sugaya, Global Photo Exchange

Apparently, best laid plans have gone awry. A judge decided earlier this year management went about making a case for needing to make the plant profitable in the wrong way. Seemed like a small victory but after negotiations, a day before they were to return to their jobs, management decided to close the plant. Stella D’Oro workers were protesting Saturday August 16, 2009. They say “the decision to close the factory, after eight decades, is a blatant case of retaliation for a strike they had waged for ten months, and the thought that all 138 union jobs could be eliminated is a shock to them.”


I’m not really sure why that’s shocking when many corporations are laying people off and closing branches to stay in the red lately. “Brynwood, which says it has not been able to make the company consistently profitable, has said its decision was not made in haste.

Workers are now left asking the company to reconsider.”

We will see what the future has in store for the Bronx cookie makers…

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FUN FACT: Stella D’oro means “star of gold” in Italian.

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