Chinese Restaurants Accused Of Labor Violations

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In many arguments with friends I’ve been told as far as being “green” is concerned Black people don’t care about dolphins or polar bears. Black people care about people, particularly our own survival. And that’s understandable as there is much to be concerned with in our community, however I think “green” must include people and ultimately it is the survival of living things on this planet we all need to be concerned with.

So here’s a story about people and it’s completely dolphin and polar bear free.

Wu Liang Ye is a restaurant franchise owned by the Chinese government and established in New York City in 1993.

Workers are alleging the restaurant paid them “$1.10 an hour and later retaliated against staffers who sued” according to

“A suit filed in April 2008 said that Wu Liang Ye locations on Lexington Ave. and E. 86th St. paid workers just over $1 an hour, stole 10% of their credit card tips and failed to pay overtime.”

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Anyone who knows me knows I prefer chicken and broccoli. I’ll eat chicken, rice and broccoli from any country too cause I’m worldly like that. Immortal Technique likes beef and broccoli though so all you vegans and vegetarians mind your goddamn business. Fa real I cosign everything he says here!

“Of the 25 workers named in the suit, 23 have been fired and some were assaulted and threatened”, organizers said.

Josephine Lee, of the pro-service workers campaign Justice Will Be Served!, said city restaurants improved wages in recent years, leaving Wu Liang Ye as one of the worst offenders.”

Hey, from what I know Chinese restaurant workers don’t get paid much in the hood either.

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  1. brownhornet

    Damn this is worse than that restuarant that Jermaine Dupree owned where the workers wheren getting paid at all. Atleast the people working for him didn’t have to worry about a Communist Goverment cracking down on them for wanting to work someplace else.

  2. Madam Toussaint

    I didn’t know about JD’s restaurant. I don’t like the idea of unpaid/ poorly paid people with no health insurance making my food for me anyway. Amazing how comfortable we’ve gotten with stuff like that. Thank you for your comment brownhornet.

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  3. brownhornet

    Thanks Madam. Oh don’t you know we love cheap possibly illegal labor in this country. Its as close to modern day slavery in the United States You or I will ever see.

  4. Madam Toussaint

    Hey brownhornet, there’s always what goes on in prison to consider. Sadly these still guys get paid way more than prisoners who can get like 8 cents an hour. Slavery was “abolished” in the United States “except as a punishment for crime.” Out of sight is out of mind for many people and what’s out of sight is where we need to be looking. At we will begin to address some of what’s going on in U.S. prisons as well. Stay tuned.

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