K’Jon Is “on The Ocean”


Everybody’s got a story. K’Jon’s involves working on his craft while working a day job to support his family in Detroit and slowly making a name for himself for 10 years before his breakthrough song “On The Ocean”. I think this is one of the most beautiful, well written, well phrased songs I’ve heard in a long time. K’Jon’s “On The Ocean” peaked at 12 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Billboard charts while the quality levels of most R&B/Hip-Hop songs has sunken to new depths- The Dream anyone?

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K’Jon’s debut is titled “I Get Around” and is scheduled to drop August 4th. Check out the song above or video below the jump.

QUOTE: “That song came out of my heart. I felt like my time was passing while I was in the midst of all these movers and shakers and all the hype… I felt like my time was not going to come.” ~K’Jon interview with singersroom.com

GREEN FACT:“President Barack Obama on Friday set up a task force to craft the first US national policy for sustainably managing the country’s oceans, drawing praise from environmentalists who said the move was long overdue.”

“‘We are taking a more integrated and comprehensive approach to developing a national ocean policy that will guide us well into the future,'” Obama said in a proclamation declaring June ‘National Oceans Month.'” ~oceanconserve.org

To learn more about K’Jon check out k-jon.com

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